Five Things Downtown Santa Ana Needs

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Flickr user Ben Dayhoe
The old, the new, and the coming soon... the eternal Santa Ana story.
I find myself in downtown SanTana more and more these days, whether it's buying clothes at Fallas-Paredes or having a drink at the Little Sparrow, and I love it. I love that it's a place that's still got one foot in its traditions and the other in its future. But from a food and drink perspective, there are a few things that would truly make it a one-stop destination for pretty much anyone.

1. Great Pizza

Dave Lieberman
Worth the drive from DTSA to DTF.
A few weeks ago I was in downtown Santa Ana and I wanted pizza. After thinking about the possibilities, and then checking my phone, it's true--there's no great pizza in downtown Santa Ana. There's chain pizza, and there are "flatbreads" that cost a ridiculous amount of money, but what I want is for downtown Fullerton's Fuoco Pizzeria Napoletana to clone itself on la Cuatro.

2. Comida Corrida

Dave Lieberman
R.I.P. Taquería La Raza
Downtown Santa Ana may be evolving away from what one particularly obtuse Orange County Register writer called "the immigrant shopping district", but comida corrida needs to come back. Santa Ana has precious few comida económica restaurants left, where you get soup, rice or beans, an entree, tortillas, and a drink for a low price. It'd be nice if there were just one in downtown Santa Ana.

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