Costco in Tustin's The District Will Sell More Poke This Weekend!

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Edwin Goei
Costco's spicy tuna poke.
If you read last week's post about the Costco in Tustin selling real Hawaiian poke, you weren't the only one. The post garnered nearly 3,000 likes on Facebook and because of this the warehouse store was overwhelmed. They reportedly ran out of poke by Saturday.

They're going to be more prepared this weekend, and every weekend in the foreseeable future. The woman giving the thumbs up in the photo you see below said so. In a comment she left in that original post, she said:

Edwin Just to let you know, The Costco at the District will have their fresh Poke EVERY weekend from Fri-Sun (until it runs out for the weekend) and we are up up upping our order to meet the super popular demand. Thank you so much for the shout out! I'm now famous (from the photo) but only recognizable with a hair net on. I'll be signing autographs in front of the poke booth all weekend! ;) (no not really)
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Edwin Goei
Thumbs up for Costco's poke!
So, cook some rice, go and get more poke, before it runs out again.

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