VIDEO: OC Weekly Staffers Take the 70-Ounce Chimay Challenge

LP Hastings
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Sometimes we like to do silly things in the hopes of entertaining our readers. Once before, it involved eating the spiciest burger on the planet (we think) and this time it involves alcohol, our favorite.

The Globe, Garden's Grove Belgian pub, holds the "Chimay Challenge" for anyone who'd like to get rather drunk on a quality beer. To win the challenge, and have your photo put up on The Globe's wall, you must finish a 70 oz. chalice of Chimay Triple White in one sitting and without throwing up. Reporters Taylor Hamby, Charles Lam, and our art director, Dustin Ames, all enjoy drinking very much and were up to the challenge. Watch what happened below...

The downside? There isn't a time limit...and you don't get the $60 beer for free if you finish. :( Alas, it is fun. But do plan on having a DD!

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Location Info

The Globe Belgian GastroPub

12926 Main St., Garden Grove, CA

Category: Restaurant

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