Changes in Haven Gastropub Partnership As Haven in Pasadena Announces Closure

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Greg Daniels of Haven Gastropub
When Haven Gastropub opened in Old Towne Orange almost five years ago, it was the beginning of something that would spawn taco asylum in Costa Mesa (opened January 2011), a second Haven Gastropub in Old Town Pasadena (opened December 2011), and Provisions Market (opened June 2013).

Yesterday, Haven Pasadena posted the following Facebook update:

Due to circumstances beyond our control, we have had to shut our doors. We sincerely thank all of our fans and friends over the past 3 years for your support and loyalty. We will miss Old Town Pasadena.

Almost immediately after that post went up, Haven's PR rep sent a statement to Weekly World Headquarters that clarified what was actually going on.

After almost 5 years since the opening of Haven Gastropub in Old Towne Orange, and subsequent openings of taco asylum in Costa Mesa, Haven Gastropub +Brewery in Pasadena, and Provisions Market in Old Towne Orange, Partners Greg Daniels and Wil Dee have made a decision to focus our efforts fully on our Old Towne Orange locations.

Daniels and Dee have sold their interest in both taco asylum and Haven Pasadena. The Partners have purchased Provisions Market, and are in the process of purchasing Haven Gastropub in Orange.

Former haven collective Partner Ace Patel will be retaining his ownership in both taco asylum and Haven Pasadena.

The separation is the result of an amicable agreement for all parties involved to focus their energy where they feel it will be suited best.

"Despite the recent changes, our plans for Haven Gastropub and Provisions Market haven't changed - they never have: we created concepts where we would want to hang out, and that we could be proud of. We pour only the best beer, we create quality food, we mix great cocktails, and we provide a market for some of our favorite things at Provisions," Daniels and Dee said in a joint statement.

"Above all, we are energized and excited as we enter this new chapter for haven collective."

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Ashley Neault
Ashley Neault

As much as I love Haven, the service in Pasadena was lacking. I know they will continue to thrive, despite these changes!

Trisha Mehta Burke
Trisha Mehta Burke

Does this mean taco asylum will go back to their old menu? Once they changed, I stopped going. Used to be my favorite :(

Roger Aramayo
Roger Aramayo

Hmm, rents are too high probably. That's the problem with these stupid cities, push the cost of everything up and up. Also, the service was sub-par there.


Good. Last few times I've been to Haven recently, it's been sub-par and not at all to the caliber they were when they first stared. They had spread themselves too thin.

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