8 Tips For a Pleasant Evening at the OC Night Market

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Edwin Goei
Fried squid. On a stick.

Here are some tips from someone who went to make your evening at the OC Night Market a pleasant one.

1. Avoid this insane 6 to 8 p.m. line to buy an admission ticket.

Edwin Goei
This is just half the line.

Get there earlier or later.

2. Get one of these.

Edwin Goei
Finger lickin' great!

It costs $6 but this freshly-fried chicken cutlet is as wide as a tennis racket. And since Starry Tea Bar (look for a sign that says "TEA BAR" close to The Hangar) doesn't have any signs to advertise it, there will be no line.

3. There's more than one vendor selling those twirly potato sticks.

Edwin Goei
Potato helix. $5-$7.

Hotato Potato's has the longest line at the entrance. But there's another deeper in and also a MiiSTER Potato.

4. The longest food lines: OG Ramen Burger and Squid Roe.

Edwin Goei
This is just 1/12th of the line.

Plan ahead if you want some of that.

5. Want to sit while you eat? Go to the merchandise area.

Edwin Goei
All standing room and no place to sit.

If you want to snag a picnic table, there will be plenty of empty ones at the Merchandise Section between the Wells Fargo tent and the DJ. The Hangar also has a few tables.

6. Budget an extra 30-45 minutes for the Bubble Waffle.

Edwin Goei
Don't waffle around.

If you want this Hong-Kong waffle from Bubble Waffle, stand in line, order it, then walk around and come back about 30-45 minutes later. It's worth the $4 cost--which is actually $1 cheaper than what Tasty Garden charges for waffles at its restaurant in Irvine.

7. Visit the OC Fair Tent.

Edwin Goei
Free. If you win.

It's located in a dead zone at a forgotten corner in the Merchandise area, but if you find the lonely OC Fair Tent, you can easily score some free stuff like a beer glass or a shaker of spice from their prize wheel.

8. Use your nose to find or avoid the stinky tofu vendors.


OC Night Market

Admission: $5
Parking: $7

Sat, May 10: 3pm-12am
Sun, May 11: 3pm-9pm
@ OC Fairgrounds
88 Fair Drive, Costa Mesa, CA 92626

For more information about the OC Night Market, CLICK HERE.

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OC Fair & Event Center

88 Fair Drive, Costa Mesa, CA

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