Two Beer Events to Get Drunk At This Saturday in San Clemente and Fullerton!

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Get your designated drivers ready because April 26 will be filled with lots and lots of local beer. There will be two events happening at the same time, so here are all the details so you can plan accordingly.

South Orange County will be host to the 4th Annual San Clemente Micro-Brew Fest this Saturday at Left Coast Brewing Co. from noon to 5 p.m.

Your $30 ticket ($35 at the door) will grant you 12 four-ounce tasters, groovy island tunes and the San Clemente sun. Beer from Pizza Port Brewing Co., Valiant Brewing Co., Prohibition Brewing, Ballast Point Brewing and more will be there to quench your thirst.

While there hardly needs to be a reason for an afternoon of good music and craft beer, the event will benefit the San Clemente Chamber of Commerce "Welcome Home Military Family Event."

If you have a little extra cash to burn, Bootlegger's Brewery will be celebrating their 6th anniversary at The Muckenthaler Cultural Center from noon until 4pm on Saturday. Tickets are $40 ($50 at the door while supplies last), which gets you unlimited 4oz. pours of 30 different Bootlegger's brew, as well as about 20 guest beers from Noble Ale Works, The Bruery, Bottle Logic Brewing and more.

Great beer won't be the only entertainment for this celebration. Food from some of Orange County's favorite food trucks, including Dos Chinos and Porko Rico, will be on-hand to feed your buzzed behinds. There will also be live music, lawn games, and admission into the venue's gallery showrooms. Just don't get beer on anything expensive.

If corn hole doesn't interest you and you feel like relaxing in The Muck's gardens with a nice cigar in hand, you're in luck. Yes, folks, there will be a cigar bar.

Unlimited local craft beer, food trucks, cigars and art? Take all of my money.

If you were picked to be the DD but still want eat some great food, smoke some stogies, and see some art, Bootlegger's welcomes you for the low price of $15. Get all your tickets while pre-sale prices are still up for grabs.

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Holly Wong
Holly Wong

AJ Kim nah, have other plans. However I gotta say, the left coast brewery event was pretty insane last year! :)

Becca Salgado
Becca Salgado

This sounds awesome!! Ryan Rojas, hope I'm not the designated driver... lol

Nancy Mejia
Nancy Mejia

Ryan Rojas I have joy's bday. Cant do the fights.

AJ Kim
AJ Kim

Holly Are you guys going? :)

Lisa Burrell
Lisa Burrell

Better yet, use Lyft... First ride is free up to $25 when you download the app, enter code LISA2449 in the payments section, and request your first Lyft! I'm a Lyft driver, and I use it as a passenger when my friends and I go out for drinks. It's way more fun knowing we have a safe ride. (and one of your friends can use that same code for a $25 credit on your ride home!). Enjoy!

fishwithoutbicycle topcommenter

"Two Beer Events to Get Drunk At This Saturday in San Clemente and Fullerton!"

It goes without saying that people get intoxicated at these events (duh)...but is there really a need to flaunt it?

fishwithoutbicycle topcommenter


LOL I've heard that before...I'm relatively impervious to it. :-)

I wasn't trying to be a party pooper nor be disrespectful the author or folks who enjoy good beer...I was trying to make a point. Let me put it this way: If this were an article about a cannabis convention and the headline was "Two Weed Events to Get Stoned at This Saturday..." there would be several comments about how "irresponsible" the Weekly was for encouraging "drug use" and rude remarks about what "losers" marijuana users are. Um, alcohol is a drug, too. That is all.


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