Ramen Burgers: Now at L&L Hawaiian Barbecue

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The Saimin Burger.
Here we go. It happened with Kogi's tacos and Dominique Ansel's cronut; now it's happening to Keizo Shimamoto's Ramen Burger. It's the attack of the clones.

As you may recall, about a month ago we revealed that a new Santa Ana burger shop called Toro Burger started offering a version of the burger. It seemed a no brainer when the Shimamoto's original had people lining up for up to and including two hours.

Now L&L Hawaiian Barbecue--yes, that L&L--is offering it's own version of the Ramen Burger. It's officially called Saimin Burger on their website (because Shimamoto holds the trademark for the phrase "Ramen Burger"), but in a flyer I got in the mail, the Irvine outlet of the chain was still calling it Ramen Burger. It even says so on the $1 off coupon, which, of course, I plan to use.

Edwin Goei
$1 off!

So if you're still curious about it, and you can't wait for Shimamoto to come around again, and you've already tried Toro Burger's version (which, in my opinion, felt like eating a burger with a soggy Eggo waffle as bun), then here's your chance. Or you can wait till more clones attack.

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