Feds Approve Powdered Alcohol Product

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Just add a 12-Step Program.
According to the Bevlog, a blog that reviews and tracks new liquor labels approved by the TTB (that's the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau), the government agency has gone ahead and approved a product called Palcohol, which was, up until a few days ago, described this way on the company's website:

What's worse than going to a concert, sporting event, etc. and having to pay $10, $15, $20 for a mixed drink with tax and tip. Are you kidding me?! Take Palcohol into the venue and enjoy a mixed drink for a fraction of the cost.

So what is it? It's essentially alcoholic Kool Aid. Each pouch contains a powder made from either vodka or rum, which can be added to 5 ounces of water to make, well, alcohol.

There's also four cocktail versions including a Cosmo, a Mojito, Powderita (their version of a Margarita) and a Lemon Drop.

Since the approval went through, the company changed the description, with suggestions that are less surreptitious, urging people to use the product responsibly, and discouraging any "goofballs" who intend to snort it.

The company says they expect to start selling Palcohol this fall where liquor is legally sold, but also online. In the meantime, here's to all the late night jokes this will inspire, and hoping one of them will involve a very inebriated Kool Aid Man.

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fishwithoutbicycle topcommenter

I could see some folks putting a little pinch between the cheek and gum the way my great-grandma used to dip snuff...

But, of course, alcohol manufacturers are absolved of any serious liability for selling product proven to be dangerous, even deadly as long as they say "please consume responsibly."

And unfettered alcohol consumption is cool with the feds...but don't smoke pot!


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