5 Great Orange County Beers for Spring

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Photo by Tom Baugis
Perfect time for a beer picnic!

Spring is here, and that means Orange County is brewing up some more refreshing beers for those extra few hours of sunshine. Spring also means the perfect time for some lighter, crisper brews, and since this list isn't coming at the end of the season, it contains some time-sensitive beers so get them while they're still flowing.

5. Anaheim Brewery: Conrad's Kölsch (5.1% ABV)

Photo by Cleo Tobbi

Each year, Anaheim Brewery starts spring off the right way with their seasonal Conrad's Kölsch. Named after Friedrich Conrad, the owner of the original Anaheim Brewery back in 1888, this beer is the ideal spring refresher. The style derives from Köln, Germany and while it may not be terribly common, this classic light-hopped, crisp German style ale is worth tracking down.

Twinkling with a clean, sunshine hue and frothy head, Anaheim Brewery's Conrad Kölsch smiles at you before the first sip. This beer's mild, aroma of bread and yeast comforts the senses as any bakery would, and its light body and low ABV will have you asking for another glass before you finish your first. Catch this beer on tap at Anaheim Brewery or in a six-pack from select Orange County liquor stores.

4. Pizza Port Brewing Company: Swami's IPA (6.9% ABV)

Photo by Cleo Tobbi
Not Swami's, but also good!

This is an outstanding IPA for few reasons: It's cheap, it's available, and it's easy to drink. While an excellent choice for year-round drinking, Pizza Port Brewing Company's Swami's IPA shines most bright when you're relaxing in the rays on a spring afternoon. Instead of shocking your system with sharp hops, this IPA graces the palate with a slight pine-y bitterness and is well rounded throughout.

Pro Tip: Take a $11.99 six-pack to any backyard BBQ and be the star of the party.

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