Meet Fresh: Taiwanese Dessert Shop To Open At Irvine's Diamond Jamboree

Photo Courtesy of Meet Fresh
Mmm, dessert that doesn't involve ice cream or butter-cream frosting!
Just when you thought that there couldn't possibly be room for anything else at Diamond Jamboree, there is. Actually, there's still a lot of available space in this plaza of plazas that you probably haven't noticed. The latest to be claimed is going to be the first U.S. store of the Taiwanese dessert chain called Meet Fresh. It will be located near the Tokyo Table side of the complex.

The chain debuted in 2007 and grew to 400 stores in 100 cities in China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Australia, and South Korea. Why Diamond Jamboree? Well, I guess they figured it worked for 85 Degrees.

But is America ready for a speciality that Taiwan considers dessert? A sort of ice soup with chewy taro balls, herbal jelly, "herbal blended ice" and drizzled with coffee cream? Well, we're still lining up for the sea salt coffee and squid ink bread at 85 Degrees aren't we?

*Thanks to Anne Marie for this tip.

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