Krispy Kreme Doing Buy a Dozen, Get a Dozen FREE Next Monday


Who wants to be the office hero and wait in line for hours Monday morning? Why? Well, Kripsy Kreme will be offering a buy-a-dozen, get-a-dozen promotion for their own personal Hero Appreciation Day.

Hey, wait in line and you'll at least be appreciated.

The deal is this: Buy a dozen regular glazed donuts at a participating Krispy Kreme Monday, and you'll get a dozen free. There's no coupon required, so you don't have to worry about running out of printer ink early in the morning.

What're you waiting for? It's probably smart to start lining up now.

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Lorinda Maya
Lorinda Maya

Not near me but i hate Krispy Kreme I'm not a big donut fan

Danny Martinez
Danny Martinez

Lorinda Maya glad it's close to my house. You have one out there??

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