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OC's Seabirds Truck were one of the last pro-teams
​Remember the first two seasons of The Great Food Truck Race? When they pitted actual working food trucks against each other? Remember when OC's own The Lime Truck won Season 2, which provided co-owner Jason Quinn some of the seed money for his now infamous brick-and-mortar, The Playground?

Those were the good ol' days. But in the age of Twitter spoilers and blogs that easily decoded who the winner was before the show even aired, the set-up for the show had to change. After Season 3, The Great Food Truck Race rejiggered the rules. They didn't care if you had a food truck. Heck, they didn't want you if you did.

Their casting call specifically states: "Food truck newbies ONLY, please! You must have NEVER owned/run your own food truck to be considered"

As with all the other seasons since then, the show gives you a food truck, the supplies, everything. But when you win, you get to keep the food truck.

Season 5 is now casting. Here's the press release with more details.

Have you been dreaming of owning and operating your very own food truck but haven't had the means to do it? Do you have a small mom and pop food shop that you would love to expand into a truck? Are you the hottest selling stand at your Farmer's Market? Or, maybe you HAD a brick and mortar restaurant, but had to shut down? This could be your chance to resurrect your business and start over!

We are currently searching for passionate chefs and cooks from all walks of life - trained chefs, amateur chefs, line cooks, sous chefs, home cooks and dedicated foodies to compete for the chance to OWN and operate their very first FOOD TRUCK.

You will choose two teammates to make up your food truck dream team. Whether it's your best friends, your siblings, your parents, your culinary school classmates, or your kids - this team should be made up of you and the people you trust and know the very best! We provide the rest ... the truck, the supplies, and the adventure of a lifetime.

If you're selected, you and your two teammates will embark on an epic coast-to-coast culinary road trip to convince Americans that you have what it takes to make it in the food truck business! You'll build relationships, build a brand, and hopefully out-cook the competition! The last team standing wins their very own gourmet food truck and big cash prize!


Include your name, age, phone number, photo, proposed teammates (and their photos), description of your culinary background, and the idea for your truck!

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Just got entered to be in.  I hope they pick us.  We are 3 lesbians, and our food truck idea is buttery tits (a play off of butter n grits).  We are going to be selling our food topless, as we rub butter on one another while cooking and serving.  It seemed like they gave us positive feedback on being selected, but who knows.

Aaron Gutierrez
Aaron Gutierrez

Just remember Season Winner are the one start this Food Truck Scene GRILL EM ALL TRUCK RULES!!!!

R Scott Torgan
R Scott Torgan

I think The Burnt Truck could lock that shyte down :like:

Scott Fisher
Scott Fisher

Love this "Who will be the next Lime Truck" with a pic of the Birds. Keba Parker and the A Bite Truck team would smoke the competition.

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