Crispa Crepes Closes In Irvine After Less Than One Year

Edwin Goei
Lights out for Crispa.
You might remember that about a year ago I wrote a post about Crispa Crepes opening, taking over the space of a froyo shop in an Albertson's-anchored shopping center in north Irvine. Or perhaps you didn't much notice the post. Or the restaurant itself. The business folded (pun not intended) a few weeks ago after less than one year in business, just long enough for The Irvine Company's retail website to take them off the "New Stores" list.

The windows are now blacked out, with a FOR LEASE sign on it, ready for the next business to try its luck.

But what caused them to close? Was it just not getting enough traffic in this relatively quiet side of town? Or did the owner just tire of responding to some of his negative reviewers, one of whom seems particularly happy about its closure.

*Thanks to Anne Marie for the update on this.

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rent from irvine company is too high for this economy.  it is causing a lot of shops to close.


I really enjoyed this crepe place and am really sad to see it go because there are not that many places with freshly made crepes in Irvine. The first time I visited, which was about when it first opened, the crepes were alright and I didn't really think anything super special about it. However, as time went on, they really bumped it up - the crepes looked and tasted better, they had more variety on their menu, and the whole atmosphere of the place changed as they styled their restaurant a bit more. I loved eating here even though it was a bit of a drive from where I live, and I just hope another crepe place pops up soon in Irvine.


I live near there and went once, as I like to support new local businesses. Short version, the food was just not good. It wasn't disgusting or anything, but not worth the asking price. Not to mention, there are far better options nearby (a Bruxie opened just down the street). Like Bruxie, in order to have been successful with what is essentially a gimmick food, they needed to be REALLY good. Very few places that are actually good close that quickly.

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