Now Open: Bondi Grill House In Huntington Beach

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Bondi Grill House
Let's talk about that rack

Set to open two eateries in Orange County before the end of the year, the first Bondi Grill House in California the US opened in Huntington's Bella Terra plaza yesterday. Named after an Aussie beach, Bondi's signature bite is a triple pounder of pork ribs that are secretly sauced and seared. I'm referring to the Bondisaurus (No, really).

The closest cuisine we might compare it to is Mozambique's Peri-Peri spot off MacArthur in Newport, with their South African Boerewors sausages, love of prawns and signature spicy Portuguese sauce. You'll spot similar menu items here, plus lamb burgers, salads containing beets and quinoa, even Bath and Body Works-sounding drinks like lavender hibiscus lemonade.

Open for lunch and dinner, expect their next spot at The Market Place (Tustin) to open by the end of the year. Here's to meat, meat and more meat!

Bondi Grill House is located at 7821 Edinger Ave, Ste 110, Huntington Beach, (714) 893-3565;

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fishwithoutbicycle topcommenter

That is a scrumptious-looking rack. ;-)

It's close to my house so I'll have to check it out...

JBinOC topcommenter

This post is actually decently written -- detailed...comparative...a tiny trace of witty irreverence with the Bath and Body Works line.  None of the fawning and painful misfires of style and hipness that usually accompany this byline.  Good job. 


Just happened to be walking by last night and saw the "Bondi" sign and being an Aussie myself couldn't resist trying this place out.  It was great.  I had the veggie burger and it was more gourmet than the regular run-of-the-mill tasteless veggie burger.  My friend had the chicken burger and said it was excellent also.  Got to go back next time (when I can fit it in) and have the sticky date pudding! Yum. Highly recommend this place.

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