Beach City Brewery Scheduled To Open May 10

Beach City Brewery FB page
Because branding is important

Huntington Beach gets some lovin' next month, as another craft brewery makes its official debut. They are currently promoting a free event on Facebook as a 21+ only party, so hire a sitter. Beach City Brewery's original open date was scheduled to be March, but patrons have been anxiously waiting since for a taste.

The crew plans on serving six styles of beers, plus one on nitrogen, between the hours of noon and 10 p.m., but I always say show up earlier rather than later-- in case a popular taste gets tapped out. In addition, BCB has a "cask-off" planned between Head Brewer Derek Testerman and Assistant Brewer Bob Weden. A few of the names being served include PCH Pale Ale, Overcast Summer Wheat, Hang Five IPA, and Sweet Crude Stout . At least one luxe lonchera will be on site to feed patrons.

Welcome to the neighborhood, Beach City Brewery!

Beach City Brewery is located at 7631 Woodwind Dr, Suite B, Huntington Beach, (714) 425-4756.

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Brainwashed_in_church topcommenter

According to officials, the half life for "craft breweries" is 69 days. I hope the owner didn't morgage his home for this endeavor. His wife is probably nervous as hell.



Noble, The Bruery, Anaheim Brewing, Bootlegger's, et al would all like a word with you & your "officials".  Care to cite your references for that statement...?

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