Just In Time For 4/20: Win A Cannabis Cookbook!

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Who has the munchies?

Fun fact: Easter, one of the most holy of holidays, occurs on National Weed Day this year. Coincidence? Perhaps. I'm using the duo of celebrations as an excuse to give away a timely gift. Slightly different than most cookbooks, you either need a prescription (or great connections) to acquire one integral ingredient in each recipe. That shouldn't be too difficult around here.

The contest is simple: Tell us why you deserve the book. I'll give you the next 48 hours to respond in the comments below. After that, I read over responses and announce a winner. The cookbook will be waiting for you at OC Weekly headquarters until you show up.

I really wanted to try out a few of the listings (especially those psychedelic spanakopita or some pico de ganja and nachos!), but it just didn't happen. I will just have to live vicariously through one lucky Forker. So why do you deserve this?

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Frank Acosta
Frank Acosta

Would LOVE to own this book, but I can't even get good cannabis in Las Vegas, so what would be the point!

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