Yushoken Ramen Opens Across From UCI

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Charles Lam
Now open!
As Charles reported late last year, the restaurant that was replacing Asia Noodle Cafe after its near 20-year run across from UCI at University Town Center was another noodle joint--a ramenya, to be exact, by the name of Yushoken.

Now Yushoken has opened. It's owned by the people who own the revolving sushi joint, Gatten Sushi, and is currently in soft opening mode.

Judging by what's already served at the Arcadia branch of the restaurant, tonkotsu ramen, with its milky broth, is their specialty. Also expect sides such as California rolls and sushi, but not the kind that revolves.

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Brenda Wong
Brenda Wong

was just at the arcadia location. the sushi is terribad

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