The Poorman's OC: Celebrating The Corn Dog Since 1961...Wienerschnitzel!!!!!


Corn Dogs!!!!!!!!!! Yeahhhhh!!!!!!!! Yes, this article is all about "The Corn Dog". And nobody does it better than Wienerschnitzel! Their Corn Dog is magnificent, the best ever! But then, that's just the tantalizing appetizer to this unique fast food chain. There are so many more delicious delicacies that they serve. The slogan is Der Fun Since *61, and that's how long they've been around...since 1961. I will be providing you with some exciting Der Fun as well by giving away Wienerschnitzel Der Food Combo Meals at the conclusion of this article!!!!! Keep reading, my hungry friends...


My history with dining at Wienerschnitzel goes all the way back to when I was a kid. There are plenty of memories, as I'm sure there are with many of you. They used to hire me to do personal appearances during the early days of my radio career at KROQ. I did live on air phone ins, and had listeners show up to do whacky things for Der Food, but I can't remember exactly what they were. Maybe some of you reading this article can refresh my memory. What I do recall through the decades is that the cuisine has stayed consistently good. This is not your typical unhealthy fast food chain. It is quality, and it is creative. The company is not corporate. My recommendation is you go into your nearest Wienerschnitzel, and try what appeals to you. I promise you won't be disappointed. The menu offers a tremendous amount of variety. Until the other day, I hadn't eaten at Wienerschnitzel for quite a while. My thought was to sample a number of different menu offerings by taking just a few bites. Instead, the "sampling" turned into a major Gorge Fest!
Everything I ordered was so good that I ate it all, and I'm not embarrassed to admit it! What a feast! I'm getting hungry just writing about it! Here's what I devoured : The AppetizerThe Magnificent Corn Dog at $1.29 dipped in Ketchup and Mustard...the best; Main Course 1A A Sirloin Blue Cheese and Bacon Dog nestled inside a super fresh poppy seed hot dog bun at $3.59 (the blue cheese is crumbled and melted on top with strips of bacon surrounding the sirloin dog)...Smothered again in Ketchup and Mustard, it tasted phenomenal. *The Sirloin Dogs are new menu items being tested at the Newport Beach store only; Main Course 1B An order of Pastrami Chili Cheese Curly Fries at $3.59 (the same item with regular fries is only $3.19) good, with ample Ketchup and Mustard once again; and Dessert Cake Batter Dipped Vanilla Ice Cream Soft Serve Cone at $1.29 off the Tastee Freez Menu Believe it or not, that's the small cone...Derlicious! Amazingly, I could have eaten more!

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