TAPS Fish House and Brewery To Open Third Location in Irvine

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Kind of soon!

UPDATE Mar. 31, 4:23 p.m.: Check the end of the story for size, number of taps, and a nice quote from founder Joe Manzella.

Good news, Irvine: TAPS Fish House and Brewery will be expanding to the Irvine half of the Market Place next February (sorry Tustin).

While the new location will be without an actual brewery, it's okay. TAPS numero tres will still be serving up all their award-winning beer, including their Belgian White, Cream Ale, Schwarzbier, and Irish Red, to name a few.

TAPS, as you may know, operates at two other locations in Brea and Corona, and, as mysterious Edwin Goei put it, is "the restaurant that single-handedly made Brea a destination." Those locations have offered some fine food and have brewed up some of the country's most renowned ales and lagers.

For those of you who have never been, their beer is nationally renowned, people line up for hours at their releases, and they made our list of 10 Great Seafood Restaurants in Orange County.

We know it's a long time until the grand opening, but we'll be here along the way. In the mean time, don't hesitate to take a little trip every once in awhile.

UPDATE Mar. 31, 4:23 p.m.:
Some new details following TAPS' official press release: The restaurant will be 10,000 square feet with an additional patio and a 150-seat private dining room. Like we said, there's no brewery, but the bar will feature 25 taps, six of which will pour TAPS beer.

"We have a big following from down south who has been making the drive to Brea for years," TAPS Founder Joe Manzella said. "We're pleased to finally grant our South County fans their own TAPS Fish House."

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they are taking over Buca Di Beppo. 75+ people out of work.

Basil Ganglia
Basil Ganglia

@screwedover And probably putting just as many people to work, if not more. I'll take Taps over Puka anyday.

Mario Martinez
Mario Martinez

radiated sushi is the best Eat it up Irvine elite! eat it UP!!!


@lonhall Currently, the only vacant spaces on the Irvine side of The Market Place are the former Opah space (5,607 sf + 970 sf patio) and the former Garden Patch market (7,760 sf, no patio). Opah appears to be the leading candidate for TAPS because of the existing patio area.

BTW, if you take that space and add Wasa Sushi (2,120 sf) and IHOP (4,139 sf), you then have 11,866 sf of space to work with.

If that's the case, TIC will either relocate Wasa and IHOP (possibly to the Tustin side - the former Red Robin space comes to mind), or just not renew their leases. A post on TAPS' Facebook page states the location as "space yet to be "released" to the public...Long story!"

Although I anxiously await TAPS opening up here, it appears to come at a price. Looks like more screwing with the tenants is about to commence. Gotta love Bren!


@FancyTuna they are taking over Buca Di Beppo - who will be closing August 16th in the tustin Market place… price - employee jobs over 75 people out of work.


A small compensation for the Irvine Company forcing Steelhead Brewing Co out of their location across from UCI. I was there first customer when they opened in September 2005 and although I had already put Irvine Company at the top of my s**t list long ago for their stupid screwing of tenets, now I put them at the bottom of my toilet!!

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