5 Other Asian-Esque Desserts You Need to Try

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It gets better.

Whether you're searching for a crepe filled with green tea ice cream or even a donut filled with Vietnamese iced coffee, Orange County is full of Asian-esque desserts as far as the eye can see. You don't have to drive an hour and a half for snow, you can find it right in Irvine. Want some mochi, but with a twist? You can have that too.

Don't know where to start? Here are five of the most notable Asian-esque desserts available in Orange County. Tip: be sure to take them with a side of boba milk tea for a full experience, and, oh yeah, you might just want to skip dinner.

5. Milky Bun - Afters Ice Cream

Photo by Charles Lam
Still so good

By now, everyone should have heard of the Milky Bun. Bite into one of Afters Ice Cream's ice cream-stuffed donuts and you'll experience a world that's thick, cold, colorful, hot, cold, crisp, and creamy. That's a lot of adjectives, but they're all well deserved.

But, once again, it's what fills the milky buns that make them amazing. Afters Ice Cream's ice cream is inspired by Asian flavors, including Vietnamese coffee and Jasmine milk tea. All the while, standard American flavors like mint chocolate chip and Madagascar vanilla are also available, so there's something here for everyone.

4. Taiwanese Snow Shaved Ice - Class 302

Photo by Lynn Freidman
Silky smooth

Similar to Hawaiian and American shaved ice, Taiwanese snow is a delicate and fluffy bed of softened ice marinated in sweet condensed milk and topped with love. Toppings come in shapes and sizes, from fruit and egg pudding to red bean and mochi among others.

Humongous in size, shaved ice is usually shared between friends and family (unless you are feeling greedy). The best part about shaved snow is when the mountain of ice begins to melt. That's when all of the flavors really start to come out and play nice, merging the fruity flavors and creamy milk together in a sweet, soft marriage.

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AFTERS Handcrafted Ice Cream

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Class 302 Taiwanese Cafe

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