Valiant Anniversary Pairing Dinner At HopScotch This Sunday

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Beer and a fresh slice of pizza or tricked out burger make for some of the best combinations. So pairing a solid local brewery with one of my favorite restaurants of 2013 is even better. If you've got the time, appetite and c-note to spare, my weekend recommendation lies in Fullerton.

You see, Orange's Valiant Brewing is about to turn one. Their idea of a good time is hooking up in DTF with HopScotch for a dinner like no other. What makes it special? Every beer served will be a custom brew for every course. Beeeeeerrrrrr me!

With seven courses and matching beverages to look forward to, below is the complete menu (for your consideration). When Cody Storts of HopScotch first mentioned this epic event during my chef interview with him, I knew it would be a Culinary Militia party.

First course
Valiant's First Anniversary, Belgian Barleywine (8 oz)
Forbidden PB&J, strawberry guava jam, pepita butter, brioche and complementary foie gras

Second course

Lager Barleywine (8 oz)
Green-lipped mussels (only found on the coast of New Zealand), crispy pancetta, roasted pepper citrus coulis

Third course
"The Bruce" Wee Heavy Scotch Ale (5 oz)
Crispy pork belly, fried tripe, herb demi glace, blood orange frisee

Fourth course
Lacto Cherry Stout (8 oz)
Elk medallion, black garlic demi glace, bing cherry gastrique, bourbon soaked bing cherries

Fifth course
Session IPA (5 oz)
Duck rillette, Dijon chips, blood orange apples, really, really small cilantro

Sixth course
Wheat Cherry Ale (5 oz)
Medium rare braciola, San Marzano tomato sauce, crispy asiago chip, micro basil

Seventh course - from badass pastry chef Mai Phan
Guava Cream Ale (6 oz)
Strawberry pavlova, green tea custard, lemon crumble

Assuming you're still standing after the final course, the parting gift is a bomber of Belgian Barleywine . . . to-go! With all that boozy goodness, this is a beer lover's dream. If I were there, I'd never manage to finish one entire glass. It would likely end up with the person next to me, but a person can dream.

To make a reservation, please call (714) 871-2222.

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136 E. Commonwealth Ave., Fullerton, CA

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Omar David Sanchez
Omar David Sanchez

I had a great dinner there on Valentine's! I Didn't have reservations, waited not even 5 minutes to get a table. Fair price,good vibes!

Sean Soto
Sean Soto

If like waiting 45mins for food, eat here....

Matt Niebuhr
Matt Niebuhr

The service is terrible!! I'm gonna stay away!!!

Tyler Kent
Tyler Kent

Well look at you. Best tri tip in town!

Nestor Jaimes
Nestor Jaimes

In that picture he looks like a young Rick Harrison from pawn stars

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