This Week In Food: Waffle Tacos, the Worst Celeb Chef Recipes, and Obama Jokes about Chorizo?

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Jen Fedrizzi
Get in mah belly, pizza
Some storm, eh, dudes? Hopefully you're nestled inside instead of battling with California's notoriously bad drivers that only come out when a moderate sprinkle approaches. Since you're reading this, it can be assumed that you are, in fact, inside. Or you're on your phone in traffic and in that case, shame on you; you're part of the problem! Not that anyone would actually read the dining digest on their phone in the car. But if you are that person, I forgive you for the former and now let's move on...

Edwin went to Craftsman Woodfired Pizza in Placentia and it looks pa-retty, pa-retty tasty. Then he gave us a list of 10 essential restaurants in Long Beach, and announced the opening of a popcorn chicken shop, aptly called Popcorn Chicken.

Gustavo visited Pita Hot in Fullerton and enjoyed the food despite the drab name. He thought about Obama's visit to Mexico and whether or not the prez's comment about chorizo was a sexual innuendo. He also grumbled about Taco Bell's new, and atrocious, breakfast taco.

Charles named St. George Absinthe the Drink (spirit?) of the Week. He announced that change is a comin' to nutritional food labels, and he gave us a hilarious list of the worst celebrity chef recipes on the Interwebs.

Anne Marie spoke with Alexander Dale of SeaLegs Wine Bar for On The Line and she told us to try the takuwan sushi from AnQi. Dave wrote about the amazing food at Quan Hen in Westminster and called Starbucks out for their new line of fatty, and not in the good way, pastries.

Sierra Wright-Ruiz gave us a recipe to make Chik-Fil-A style nuggets and sauce at home, homophobia free. Cleo Tobbi named 5 beers to drink for an OC winter (that's sarcastic, right?) And last, Sarah took us to Chilitepe for her Long Beach Lunch.

Until next time, have a good one, and safe driving, from all of us at Stick a Fork In It!

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Jake Westenberg
Jake Westenberg

Rachael Ray is the worst celebrity "chef" food wise hands down. All the others who are horrible people are kinda irritating and asshole like cuz their passionate about good food...Not shite food.

Christopher Catalano
Christopher Catalano

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