Poorman's OC '4 Under $6': Hitting 48 OC Bars During Super Bowl 48 (The Exciting Conclusion!)

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Before we begin bar hopping again (See Part 1), a couple quick observations about the Super Bowl 48 OC Beach Bar scene:
1. This Super Bowl was the most watched ever with 111.5 million viewers, but it certainly didn't translate to bar attendance. Not one single bar I visited was packed with a line at the door. You could walk right in anywhere.
2. Only 1 bar had a cover charge ($100. Keep reading!).
3. Every bar visit was unannounced. At some I was recognized; at others, not.
4. Every bar was friendly with the exception of 1 (Woody's Wharf. See Part 1).
5. No drunk customers assaulted me except at 1 bar (a 70 year old drunk English dude. Keep reading!).
6. I tried not to spend more than 5-10 minutes per bar visit. What made the stays longer were my time consuming social media posts at each stop on my Facebook Page (@Jim Poorman Trenton), Twitter (@Poorman1), and taking Pics. That doubled, and sometimes tripled the time!
OK, let's get going. I believe the Super Bowl had just begun, and I was hitting Bar 14...

Bar 14 Cassidy's Bar And Grill Newport Blvd., Newport Beach 3:26 PM Start Of Game Cassidy's AKA 'Catch A Disease' is a legendary dive bar in Newport Beach. I have been there many, many times! No snobby attitude. it's always no frills. Same situation on Super Sunday. They had a small crowd chill in' at the bar, and watching the game on just a couple TVs. No drink specials, no Super Bowl extras. Nothing special. "Hey, we're Cassidy's, take it or leave it'. The most remarkable thing going on was seeing Russell Wilson sitting at that bar! Wasn't he supposed to be in New Jersey at Met Life Stadium? Anyhow, I'm sure Cassidy's got "busy" after the game. It's a great late night hook up destination on any occasion!

3:33 PM Met some friends on the way to Bar 15
Bar 15 Avila's El Ranchito Newport Blvd., Newport Beach 3:44 PM 26th Annual Private Super Bowl Party Everything's free! No Shit! This happens 1 Day a year. The restaurant opened in 1975, and every Super Bowl Sunday since 1988, it has become a tradition to close it down to just family and friends with unlimited free food and booze. Think about that for a minute...unlimited free margaritas while watching a four hour football game. Wow! Dangerous! You might be wondering how I got in? Crashed the party...plain and simple. Walked right in. Somehow, I didn't notice the big sign on the door that said "PRIVATE PARTY". The daughter (in Pic with her Dad the Owner), who runs the restaurant now (and looks a bit like Kim Kardashian except in the booty), was actually impressed that I was covering this for the OC Weekly...thank you Gustavo! She said they were serving Great Margaritas and Special Venison Tacos that her Dad hunted himself! You might try and get friendly before Super Bowl 49, because an invite to this party would be awesome! Also, I kind of got the vibe that the daughter is single in case you were wondering. She was sitting at a table with five other cute girls and no guys. Avila's El Ranchito was high up on my list of favorite Super Bowl bars!
Bar 16 Newport Beach Brewing Company Newport Blvd., Newport Beach 4:04 PM Aww, the Brew Co! This was a Raging Party! Big Crowd, Lots Of Food, Drinks, Microbrew Beers, and 26 TVs. The Brew Co. is a great place to watch a Super Bowl. At this point, the score was Seahawks 5, Broncos zip. The route was just beginning.

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