Poorman's OC '4 Under $6': Hitting 48 OC Bars During Super Bowl 48 (Part 1)

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To do it or not to do it? I thought about this for weeks. Should I attempt to hit 48 Bars during Super Bowl 48? Why? I have no idea why! Sometimes you just come up with ridiculous ideas. As recently as Saturday, the day before the Super Bowl, I was ready to bail thinking 'this is really stupid'!!!!! Then, I woke up on Super Sunday with a change of heart. OK, let's do it!


I HAD A GOOD PLAN to begin with: 1. Start 3 hours before game time. 2. Stay 5 minutes per bar. 3. Visit areas that have multiple bars close to each other, thus 4. The Schedule. It was simple. Hit the beach bars...Start in Balboa, then Newport, Huntington, Seal, and Long Beach. Perfect! Brilliant. 5. I would not consume 48 drinks, 1 per bar. Death is not an option. 6. I would have a designated driver. This all sounded good, huh! Well, it didn't quite work out that way. Here's the story of my pursuit of 48 during Super Bowl 48...

The Beach Bar Hop began after a 3 minute ride on the Balboa Ferry from Balboa Island to the town of Balboa on the Newport Beach Peninsula (Notice I'm wearing an OG Quicksilver shirt from the 80s. Is that style?). Already, there were issues. No one wanted to be my designated driver, so I'm driving myself to 48 bars, and hopefully not to a designation "behind bars".

BAR 1 Class Of 47 in Balboa
12:35 PM Sunday (3 Hours Before Kickoff)

A very mellow beginning. I'd been to Class Of '47 before with OC Weekly writer Taylor Hamby helping her do "research" for her Dive Bar column. It was pretty fun! Today, it looked like the customers were still sleeping. Not much was going on, maybe 10 people in the bar total. Class Of '47 used to be John Wayne's favorite watering hole when he was alive. They were setting up an outdoor Super Bowl Pot Luck BBQ. On to the next bar.
Bar 2 Balboa Saloon in Balboa 12:50 PM. It was pretty empty here. Still pretty early. The bartender said Balboa Saloon was a Seahawks Bar. Really? At this point, it looked like a tie score based on the number of total jerseys being worn...two (by this happy couple). Who knows what happened later on after the Seahawks crushed the Broncos. Maybe an in bar breakup? Again, not too much going on. Moving on...

Bar 3 Cabo Cantina in Balboa 1:08 PM Even though things were slow, you could tell this bar would be pretty fun later on. Maybe part of the reason is their drink special...the 36 oz. Mega Margarita with Patron for $16.75. The manager said you only need one!!! You think? If I had just one, my Super Bowl experience at Cabo Cantina would be a beautiful thing. If I had two...porcelain throne worship. Cute Waitresses. 36 Big Screens. A good Big Game hang. On to the bars at the Newport Beach Pier...
Bar 4 The Rockin Baja Lobster at Newport Beach Pier 1:40 PM I'd only hit 4 bars in the 1st hour and 5 minutes with 44 more to go. Lagging, however I had a chance to make up time since there are 10 bars within walking distance of the Pier. Rockin Baja Lobster was very cool even though not very crowded. Why? They offered me a free shot of tequila! I thought about it for 1 second..."OK"! My 1st drink of the day. It tasted soooo good. The bartender told me, we have "Good Looking Male Bartenders" here. Hmmm... Check the Pic. Maybe that's the reason the guy in the blue baseball cap is there. You be the judge.
Bar 5 The District at Newport Beach Pier 1:53 PM Wow! I have never seen The District this deserted, and only 1 hour and a half before game time. This place is usually packed with the most beautiful girls and horn dogs in Newport Beach. Maybe I'm mistaken, but I don't spot any hot babes in this Pic. What happened? My arrival added another 20% to the crowd of 4. That obviously created a lot of excitement as you can see! Hopefully, the after game action was better. This was a very quick stop!

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