Slapfish Coming to Laguna Beach This Spring

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Anne Marie Panoringan
Chowder fries, please!

Once upon a time, Slapfish (the luxe lonchera) made my top five restaurants. The following year, I gave 'em more props for successfully launching a brick-and-mortar. Plans to take over the world were announced in 2013, with Dubai as their international starting point. But what about their loyal Forkers, huh?

Thankfully, the sustainable duo didn't forget.

With an opening date sometime in April, south county eaters will find them towards the corner of Pacific Coast Highway and Broadway. Jethro and Andrew are promising some exciting opening events. Guys, if contests are involved, can you make one of the prizes free metered parking for a year? Or unlimited chowder fries. Yeah, that'll work.

Slapfish will open at 211 Broadway, Laguna Beach;

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JBinOC topcommenter

Let me make an attempt to write something constructive, vs. just ranting.  

I interpreted this post to mean that the Slapfish in Huntington Beach will be closing, and relocating to Laguna Beach.  Will it?  

There's nothing wrong with trying to create a writing style of your own.  But when it comes at the expense of details -- details that (if the HB location is not closing) when missing can actually harm a business -- that's bad.  

It would be a great thing to seek to write things that are more substance than style, rather than copy the strategy of the glitzy Irvine Company restaurants you love to write about so much.  

Sorry.  Just trying to light a fire to get better stuff in this blog.  We've already got Fast Food Maven for attitude and style, and dubious substance. 

Susan Hawley
Susan Hawley

So I guess right in the Carmelita's shopping center? Not sure where there would be seating?


Slapfish has no plans to close in HB. Many other places may have shut down recently, but expansion is what we are celebrating.

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