Romantic Dinners for One You Can Easily Make Just in Time for Valentine's Day

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Dateless this Valentine's Day? Why your friends be having all of the fun? Dedicate yourself to something you love this Friday: you. You are so amazing (smart, good-looking -- do I sense nodding right now?) that you deserve the best food of all time on the day you hate most. So while your friends are posting pictures of their candlelit dinners and newly received gifts (pfft) online, don't fret, because you'll be posting selfies of wonderful ol' you having dinner made by the person who loves you most: you and only you.

For Non-Cooks: It's Okay to Flirt With Pizza

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You shouldn't have!

One of the best solo Valentine's Day dinners for non-cooks is a frozen pizza you can get at any grocery store (and don't forget to grab a bottle of ranch or two for dipping.) Sure, a Tony's frozen pizza sounds great, but a day like Valentine's Day is a perfect excuse to go all out -- by adding a bottle of Pepsi, some Albertsons wedges, and maybe even some ketchup to your romantic evening.

But that's not all: to truly have a successful Valentine's Day pizza dinner, cut your pizza into the shape of a heart. This'll show you (and all of your followers on Instagram) how much love you have for yourself, as well as your Olympic-worthy ability to craft perfect pizza shapes.

For Intermediate Level Cooks: Go the Extra Mile to Prove You Love Yourself

Photo by Justin Smith
So romantic!

Making salmon for Valentine's Day proves you care about yourself enough to put seasoning and toppings on your meal. Bake some salmon with butter, garlic, lemon, cream cheese, and dill, and add a side of boiled veggies because that's what people usually do, right?

Salmon is pink, just like the color of the holiday, so it's perfect. Seasoning your salmon shows effort, reflecting your attractive and enviable quality of being a hard worker. The vegetables are just for looks, but hey, the food porn needs some color.

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