Popcorn Chicken Restaurant Called "Popcorn Chicken" To Open in Irvine

This is a picture of popcorn chicken and calamari at That Boba Place in Costa Mesa
There will be a popcorn chicken place called Popcorn Chicken popping up in Irvine's Culver Plaza. Can you guess what they will specialize in?

Yup. The dependable boba shop fried chicken snacks that's often dusted with a flurry of spices, fried basil, and eaten by bamboo skewer will no longer play second fiddle.

The placeholder description on the Irvine Company Retail website goes like this:

"A traditional favorite in Taiwan, tender pieces of chicken are perfectly spiced and fried to perfection. In addition, guests can choose from more than 20 items from chicken to tofu to taro."

If all goes to plan, the store will replace Subway in the 99 Ranch-anchored shopping plaza.

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