Man Throws Burrito With "Wetback" Written on Wrapper at Fasting Protestors Outside ICE Offices

Since Monday, there has been a hunger strike outside the ICE offices in Phoenix by relatives of undocumented folks slated for deportation. It's part of a larger movement to go after Obama's record two million deportations in his term as president.

Of course, there are haters. And, of course, some pendejo thought it funny to throw a burrito at the fasting protestors. And, of course, that same pendejo couldn't help but to write racist messages on it.

The photo above was taken by Daniel Gonzalez, immigration reporter for the Arizona Republic, who posted it on his Twitter feed.

I'm sure the pendejo who threw this thought he was SO funny for his little joke. May Montezuma's Revenge visit him tonight for his terrible sense of humor...

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