The 5 Worst Celebrity Chef Recipes in Existence

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Photo by Stacy Herbert
Hey! This illustrates this post pretty well.

Celebrity chefs aren't always the best cooks. When it's about ratings, being TV pretty is a lot more important than how good your food tastes (especially when your audience isn't actually eating your food). Most celebrity chefs don't even write their own recipes, relying instead on a team of freelance recipe ghost writers who, like any other kind of freelancer, will write most anything if it means a paycheck (Don't be angry at me everybody, I've done it too. That's the life of a sell sword).

So what happens when people write whatever someone will buy? Well. uh. this happens. The five worst celebrity chef recipes in existence.

5. Paula Deen's English Peas

Food Network

I'm honestly kind of surprised that the Food Network still has Paula Deen's recipes on their website after kicking the cringingly racist Deen off of their network last year, but hey, at least it gives us a chance to remember all the fun, artery-clogging times we had. People like to joke about Deen's love of butter, but she makes it really easy.

I mean, come on. The two ingredient are literally peas and butter. And I don't know what kind of butter she's using, but mine doesn't magically become the white sauce with scallions that the picture so helpfully illustrates.

4. Martha Stewart's Marshmallow Snowflakes



This is more of an issue with bad web editing than bed recipe writing, but no recipe or.. craft.. plan.. thing, should ever start with what basically is "Step 1, Just make that thing that you want to make, don't worry about it."

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