Poof, Another Nitrogen Ice Cream Shop, Opens in Buena Park

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I think it's safe to call nitrogen ice cream a trend now. There are now two ice cream parlors in our county that use mixers and liquid nitrogen to turn milk, cream and sugar instantly into what you previously thought was just fine pre-frozen. Yes, it takes time to make, but it's theatrical, more interactive than Thrifty's and it involves tanks of that chemical that froze the T1000 into a popsicle in Terminator 2.

Creamistry in Irvine was first. Now there's a place called Poof that just opened at Buena Park Downtown.

It opened sometime last December, and also serves coffee.

8300 La Palma Avenue, Suite A2, Buena Park, CA 90620; (714) 323-4215

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Mark Garciano
Mark Garciano

Waited 5 minutes and got two scoops for $5.40. Salted caramel

Jen Ford Mirmak
Jen Ford Mirmak

If you like to pay $10 and wait a half an hour for a scoop of ice cream.

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