Korean Women Makes $9K Per Month Broadcasting Meals, Lives Life I've Always Wanted


A young Korean woman has found a way to live the life I've always wanted. How? She spends every day broadcasting herself eating Korean food to a crowd of thousands and gets paid six figures to do it, according to Reuters. Wow.

Park Sun-Young is one of thousands of attractive Korean women making a living by broadcasting their meals. She's a classy cam girl, eating food to her thousands of fans and bringing in roughly $9,000 monthly.

I wish I had that job.

I'm really good at eating Korean food, I swear. If only I were an attractive Korean girl (at this point, I would be happy with Korean Internet speeds).

Reuters details the entire story in a short video below. Watch it, be hungry, and then be jealous, because what does life even mean when someone's making multiple times more money than you just eating food?

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