Tonight at Playground: Donate a Toy or Clothing for a Tijuana Orphanage, Get a Shot of Tequila or Mezcal FOR FREE!

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I'm so hung over on Negronis right now that I nearly forgot to post this: Tonight, bartender extraordinaire Gilbert Marquez is having as great a fund-raiser as ever proposed. The premise is simple: Bring an unwrapped toy or clothing that Marquez will send down to Tijuana, and he'll pour you a shot of Tequila Fortaleza or Ilegal mezcal, the fine brands Marquez reps, FOR FREE.

That's it. OH, DEAR . . .

Only catch? It's tonight, so GO GO GO!

Marquez also did this at 320 Main during the Christmas holiday, but I was drunk on Manhattans during that time, so sorry for not posting then. . . .

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220 E. 4th St., Santa Ana, CA

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