Fried Chicken and Champagne Tasting TONIGHT at Hi-Time!

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Photo by Edwin Goei

I was researching wine for a present when my friend at Hi-Time casually mentioned a tasting tonight. It was a 10-second delayed reaction before I realized what she said. Champagne and fried chicken? WTF?! And where do I sign up?

Hungry patrons can stop by between 4:30 - 8:30 p.m. for a six bottle tasting of the good stuff, plus some wing/breast action. And the restaurant providing the chicken just happens to be on one of Edwin's Top 10 lists. Drum roll, please.

Our friends at Hi-Time will be pouring the following: Agrapart, Le Mesnil, Bereche, Nicholas Maillart, Andre Robert 2005 and J Lassalle. No California sparking in this bunch. Only the best to pair with buttermilk-soaked, perfectly fried Memphis Cafe chicken. YES!

Cruise directly to the wine bar, plunk down the $40 and ask for extra napkins. The dishwasher will be working extra hard tonight. Thanks to Veronica for the heads up.

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Hi-Time Wine Cellars

250 Ogle St., Costa Mesa, CA

Category: Restaurant

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20ftjesus topcommenter

Yah, Hi-Time Wine Cellar is the Mecca of alcohol.  My buddy prays in their direction 5 times per day.

Alyssa Rara
Alyssa Rara

Ramon Luna two of my favorite things. Right after pizza and hot Cheetos.

Karina Blanco
Karina Blanco

Luis Estevez Looks more like a Heart Attack!

Luis Estevez
Luis Estevez

Karina Blanco now THIS is a cheat meal! Lol!

John Hald
John Hald

Well thats a combination ive never seen

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