We Eat It So You Don't Have To: Del Taco's Turkey Tacos

Photo by Charles Lam
The abominations

I really don't like turkey, but I have a big soft spot for Del Taco, so when a box full of green and red feathers arrived at our office announcing the debut of some new ground turkey tacos, I didn't really know how to feel.

I was confused and conflicted, torn between my love for a fast food restaurant that -- by all standards -- is much better than it needs to be and my hatred for one of the worst proteins in existence.

Why would Del Taco do this to us? Is turkey meat cheap right now? Does Del Taco want to cut food costs without going the way of Jack in the Box and using soy protein? Are they really, really trying to be healthier?

All I knew that, as hesitant as I was, I'd have to try the turkey tacos, if only for you guys.

Photo by Charles Lam
The insides!

The tacos are meh, just slightly worse than their beef brethren.

It's a boring answer, I know, but when you're buying $1.29 tacos from a fast food chain, meh is all you're going to be getting.

From what I can tell, the turkey tacos are just the standard Del Taco skeleton -- tortilla or taco shell, grated lettuce and cheese, some pico de gallo -- around a new protein, which isn't a bad thing per se. I'm not even convinced that you'd notice the turkey if someone just handed you a taco on the street and didn't tell you what it was (Note: Please don't eat random stranger tacos.).

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