Chakra Closes In Irvine's University Center

Photo by our anonymous tipster
Our anonymous tipster has made us aware that yet another restaurant has closed at University Center in Irvine, across from UCI. Chakra, the upscale Indian restaurant, has shuttered.

This makes five high-profile exits in that shopping mall over the past year alone, including Lee's Sandwiches, the beloved Britta's Cafe, Steelhead Brewing Company, and Asia Noodle Cafe.

Soon a new restaurant will join the freshman class of Gogi, Blaze Pizza, Snowflakes, and the yet-to-be opened outlet of Tender Greens and Yoshuken.

Who's next?

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Location Info

Chakra Cuisine - CLOSED

4143 Campus Drive, Irvine, CA

Category: Restaurant

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JBinOC topcommenter

Last visit to Chakra was in April last year. Passable food which was way overpriced. We were like the only ones in there, too...on a Sunday evening. 'Twas pretty inside, though, & the service was good. And it's sad that another piece of University Center will get paved over to become another place that serves salads and lemonades, or something

JBinOC topcommenter

Seriously, with Chakra, Britta's Cafe, etc., gone, is there any place left in University Center that's from the 'old' days?  And you wonder why I'm so disenchanted with these fair orange acres...entities like The Irvine Company ruthlessly bring us all Restaurants People Want®, which are usually gllitzy places with no soul like Lark Creek -- places whose core competency is not cuisine, but rather is the swaying of impressionable bloggers with the promise of soft opening previews and chef interviews. 

Chakra may not have been perfect, but it was our dump.  Maybe that sign in the photo by Anonymous Tipster, above, should say: "Another great restaurant coming soon...whose lease we won't renew in a few years!" 

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