Brasserie Pascal Closes In Fashion Island

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LP Hastings
I've actually known about the imminent closure of Brasserie Pascal in Fashion Island for months, but couldn't get anyone at the restaurant or even restaurateur and chef Pascal Olhats to confirm. But it has now finally happened. The prominent storefront--which was Rouge before it was French 75 and then Bistro 75 before Pascal Olhats revamped it to this Brasserie in 2009--has finally been boarded up.

The last time I ate there was to sample the foie gras last hurrah pre-fixe before the ban, where I didn't like some of the food but detested the service even more.

Olhats, whom we profiled in our Best Of Issue a while back, still has Cafe Jardin and Pascal Epicerie & Wine Shop under his purview.

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Brasserie Pascal - CLOSED

327 Newport Center Drive, Newport Beach, CA

Category: Restaurant

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I loved Pascals and the service was always TOP Notch. I will miss the great food, ambiance and service and of course the perfect 10 menu. Cynthia


seems like Pascal is backing out of the restaurant empire business. His first place, Tradition by Pascal next to where Pascal Epicerie closed quite a while back. at least Cafe Jardin is still going for a pleasant and leisurely weekend brunch in Rogers Gardens.


Maybe someone with deeper pockets wants the space?

JBinOC topcommenter

Possible Irvine Company lease issue - ?

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