The Worst Things the Internet's Ever Smelled: Protein Gone Bad, Grease Traps and.. Durian

Flickr user YIM Hafiz
Doesn't this look.. appetizing?

Those of you who work in food service know that sometimes things get a little funky in the decidedly non-funky way. That's just kind of the nature of food. You can't help the smell; you just have to deal with it.

But there are some smells that you just can't deal with, and a recent AskReddit thread is going over every single one in excruciating detail. Here's a selection.

Protein Gone Bad

Flickr user HealthGauge
Something tells me this doesn't age well

"Protein Shaker," wrote Sevzor. "I had used one and then sealed the lid with a little bit of the protein liquid still at the bottom. Put it in the cupboard and forgot about it for a month. When I found it again, I thought it was a good idea to open it and wash it instantly. My curious mind wanted to smell it straight away, so as I opened it I started taking a big whiff straight into my nose."

"I was a millisecond away from throwing up everywhere," Sevzor continued. "I got the shaker, took it outside and threw it in the bin. But the smell lingered inside the house all day so I had to air out the entire house. And I still remember that particular smell like it's permanently living inside my nose."

Pro tip: don't put used items away until you clean them. I have lost many a food container before I learn this rule.

Restaurant Grease Traps

Flickr user Eugene Peretz
Interior photos were so gross, I had to use this one

As Ryan Cady chronicled earlier, working in food service has its own fair share of issues. At least he didn't have to touch the grease traps.

"A grease trap in a restaurant. Insta-gag," wrote Dirt_Bike_Zero. "Edit: seriously, as soon as you pop the cover off one of these things, the smell is overwhelming. Woe be to any poor bastard tasked with cleaning one out."

"This," replied robbo_6. "It smells like 100 different people have vomited into one container."


Flickr user Secret London
See, this doesn't look too bad

"It has the most indescribably offensive smell...," wrote OverthinkUnderachiev. "Yet there are apparently people who eat it, and not only eat it -- but give every appearance of enjoying it, and describe it as a delicacy [sic]. I think it was a brave or desperate person who tried the first one, because the brief exposure I had to the smell made my survival instincts kick in with the visceral imperative: don't eat that, it smells like it will kill you."

A little harsh, durian is actually quite pleasant, and once you get used to the smell it's great. Problem is, it's also pretty expensive, which makes getting used to it an endeavor not for the poor man. Want to give it a try anyways? Head to your local boba shop and find a durian shake. It'll be more painless that way.

[An aside: Ignoring survival instincts has led to many a culinary wonder. Cheese? Alcohol? Dried and cured meats? All really weird when you think about it]

You can check out the rest of the thread (including the non-food-related entries) here!

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dubyadawg topcommenter

My #1 nasty smell would be dog vomit in the car! My Greyhound dog has picked in the back of my SUV and SWEET BEARDED JESUS, it was the most horrid rank smell!

Keith Burks
Keith Burks

First Place- Truckers Cab and Sleeper (Truck Driver has a hound dog with him): The Cab Smells like 3 year old Feet And Ass. Never cleaned it until the day he was fired.

Antonio Maldonado
Antonio Maldonado

Cilantro.... To my sense of smell it has a fresh scent of 3 week old damp dirty dish rag.

Adam Montgomery
Adam Montgomery

If u didn't grow up eating that fruit then its nasty as fuck

Ladya Oo
Ladya Oo

Citrus Boogers...good name for a band.


Is there another way to spell "delicacy"?  Why the [sic]? 

Also, "anyways" is not a word.

Will Eudave
Will Eudave

its like citrus boogers. not terrible

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