Somboon Thai Food Opens In Bristol Food Court

Bristol Food Court in Santa Ana, which Gustavo Arellano has called "a microcosm of what Mexicans really want to eat", just got a new tenant called Somboon Thai Food. It joins Hon's Wok; May's Ice Cream and Juice; Mariscos El Camarón Loco; Pacific Bakery; South Coast Pizza; Taquería La Fiesta; and El Pollo Amigo.

If you're noticing something missing from the list, it's Flaming Chicken and Ribs, which finally folded and ceded its stall to Somboon. So now, the skewers of meat you'll eat there aren't in the form of kabobs, but rather satay.

Check out Somboon's website, which has a biography of the cook, and because they know who their customers will be, a menu that's been complete translated into Spanish.

1180 S Bristol St., Ste 103, Santa Ana, CA 92704, (714) 426-8443;

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