10 Food Traditions Mexicans Enjoy During Christmas

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A Mexican Nativity scene, in all its glory...
Over this week and next--and really, since the beginning of the month--everyone across the United States has engaged in Christmas food festivities, even if you're not a Christian. For us Mexicans, we have the best of both worlds: not only do we get to go to holiday parties, not only do we indulged in work potlucks, but we get to return home nearly every day to a gluttony that won't end until January because Jesus says so. From pozole to rompope to non-stop tamales, here are 10 food signs that show it's a Mexican Christmas.

10. You Become the Most Popular Person at Work

Um, yeah...

Because after a while, gabachos start tiring of casseroles, fried shit, fruit cake, and all the other things they buy at the store.

9. The Kids Wonder Why the Adults Drink Rompope


Throughout the year, one of these bad girls is stored at the back of a cabinet, never touched until December. At some point in the year, all boys climb up to grab it, take a taste of its viscous glories, and never drink it again.

8. Posadas Go Non-Stop...

The reason for the season

Posadas are recreations of the journey Joseph and Mary took to Bethlehem, in which they were rejected again and again before reaching the magical manger. Most Mexican barrios host one type of posada or other daily in the weeks leading up to Christmas Eve. While the actual journey doesn't involve food, the last house visited is expected to invite everyone in with a huge food feast.

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