Joe's Italian Ice Opens Newer, Bigger, Better Location In Anaheim

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​Back in 2011, there was disconcerting news that Garden Grove city officials were going ahead with plans to relocate Joe's Italian Ice from their Harbor Boulevard location to make way for another hotel complex. But it's now almost 2014, and that hasn't yet happened. Even better: Joe's Italian Ice has actually multiplied.

It debuted its Anaheim store about a week ago at Harbor and Wilken Way, not more than a block away. It may be a preemptive strike if the eviction of the original road side stand goes to plan; but for now, two Joe's is better than one, and a secured and already operational location not far from the original when city planners do go ahead with their intentions is better than none.

2201 S. Harbor Blvd Anaheim CA, 92802

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JBinOC topcommenter

Great news.  This county desperately needs places like this to stay in business.  

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