French Coffee Costs $9.60 If You're An Asshole, $2 If You're Nice

Flickr User Yen Huang Yong
I wonder how this'd go down here..

At a café in Southern France, your coffee's going to cost a lot more if you're an asshole. The menu at Petite Syrah in Nice lists "un café" for seven euros ($9.60) but a "Bonjour, un café, s'il vous plait" at only 1.40 euros ($2.00).

The buzz has most likely made some young social media editor's day, as a photo posted by a French journo has garnered over 60,000 likes on Facebook.

But, alas, the café's owners have never actually enforced the pricing scheme. To them, it's just a little joke.

"Most of my customers are regulars and they just see the funny side and exaggerate their politeness," Owner Fabrice Pepino told English-language French website The Local. "...They started calling me 'your greatness' when they saw the sign." 

"But people are more relaxed now, and they're smiling more," he continued. "That's the most important thing."

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Ro Hart
Ro Hart

well... since the French pride themselves on being rude... this is a helluva wake-up call

Chad Macy
Chad Macy

This works EVERYWHERE! Please, thank you, Hello, have a nice day. Whether you're in OC or OverSeas. Politeness is the new cool. Pass it on.

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