Edwin's Top Five Drinks of 2013

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Edwin Goei

As I mentioned before, when I troll for drinks to feature, I'm looking for funny names or weird ingredients. And if it has an umbrella on it, even better. My list has a lot of these kinds of drinks, and one beer. So let's get to my five favorites of the year!

5. The Belly Dancer at Marrakesh

Edwin Goei

When you go to Marrakesh, you really don't need to order anything at the bar--there's enough here to keep you busy. But if you have to, let it be the drink named after the belly dancer, a mix of vodka, an unnamed melon liquor that's most likely Midori, orange and pineapple juice. It's also the very definition of a girly drink--there's not just an orange wedge for garnish, but also a cherry. The glass is also appropriately curvy. If it drinks like something you'd order poolside at some Mexican beach resort and not particularly evocative of anything Moroccan, it still makes your friends giggle when you ask the waiter, "I'll take The Belly Dancer." "Not without a bigger tip you don't!" they'll quip.

4. Adult Root Beer Float at The Woods

Edwin Goei

The wife is waiting at home. You just finished a beer at The Woods in Fullerton, a bar like all the others. You think you could use something sweet, but you don't want to fill up because she's made a casserole. You get the Adult Root Beer Float, which has no ice cream to speak of, but plenty of Absolut Vanilla Vodka poured over ice and mixed with bottled root beer. It's served in a mason jar, because well, it's more fun, and topped with a cloud of whipped cream and a cherry. You stir it all up with your straw, distributing the cream so that it dissolves in the alcohol and soda. Then you sip. By golly if it doesn't taste like an actual root beer float, albeit in a deconstructed kind of way. It's fizzy, sweet, and creamy at the start, with the burn of vodka wiping it all away at the end. You presume it's a much more calorically responsible way to consume cream and sugar. You go home. You eat some casserole and tell her you love her.

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1976 Newport Blvd., Costa Mesa, CA

Category: Restaurant

The Woods

120 W. Wilshire Ave., Fullerton, CA

Category: Restaurant

Royal Khyber Fine Indian Cuisine

1621 Sunflower Ave., Santa Ana, CA

Category: Restaurant

Ruby's Diner and Streamliner Lounge

186 N. Atchison St., Orange, CA

Category: Music

Inka Mama's Peruvian Cuisine

3930 S. Bristol St., Santa Ana, CA

Category: Restaurant

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