A Bite Truck On The Cooking Channel Next Week!

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Photo by Johannes Dewald

When a local lonchera does good, it's only right to celebrate. When I met Keba Parker last year, he was barely launching A Bite Truck. The wrap on his lonchera wasn't even completed when our photographer stopped by for his close-up. But a year and-a-half later, things are swell.

Sure, he's overworked and lacking sleep (aren't all chefs?), but Keba still keeps up with his pursuit of simple, sexy meals. And the suits over at Eat St decided to feature his culinary mojo on their series of moving targets. Why they put a long delay on airing episodes is decided by the powers that be, but we've got a confirmed date from Parker.

While you're recovering from turkey withdrawals, tune in December 26 for a dose of food truck culture featuring A Bite Truck. Check out his preview here. Nice job, man.

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A Bite Truck

Follow them at www.abitetruck.com, Irvine, CA

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