Five Great (Non-Traditional) Thanksgiving Courses

Anne Marie Panoringan
The makings of a great first course

We crave turkey this time of year like our friends tweet Pumpkin Spice Latte updates. But our holiday fix shouldn't be confined to a couple of major holidays. Instead, we look for signs of merriment in alternative forms. Here are five of our favorite tastes.

1. Cranberry Shrub from The Bungalow

Anne Marie Panoringan

We kick things off with a drink, because everyone should! This one was christened over the weekend during a holiday cocktail competition. Of the three entrants, Tiffany Harding enchanted with a cranberry drinking vinegar that gave us warm fuzzies of our Portland vacation. The bourbon, champagne and bitters made it toast-worthy. Give us a candied berry garnish, and we are good to go until the next course. Her specialty beverage will be offered throughout the season at The Bungalow, and you don't need a reason to celebrate to order this sparkler.

2. Thanksgiving slider from The Burnt Truck


In lieu of heat-and-serve finger foods, how about a slider? Our three wise men guys keep it friendly and efficient on their luxe lonchera (we're still waiting on that brick-and-mortar, by the way). In addition to the shredded meat and cran jam, cornbread bratwurst stuffing and sage gravy cause us to order two . . .or more. Between the King's roll and tater tots, we could call it a day. But we carry on, thankful for more ways to gobble.

3. Thanksgiving taco from Taco Asylum

Taco Asylum FB page

Our second helping of the other white meat is a handheld meal (because we're just plain busy to use a fork and knife, right?). At the asylum, we are prisoners to fried green beans and garlic mashers. We've heard of beer can chicken, but how about beer-braised turkey? The cranberry chutney and gravy may drip down your hand before you have time to pour on cayenne sauce, so extra napkins before you do.

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The Bungalow Restaurant

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Taco Asylum

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