Ways & Means Oyster House Responds To Our So-So Review

Edwin Goei
Two versions of the same dessert
Less than 24 hours after our review of Ways & Means was published, the PR folks hired by the restaurant sent me a nice note. The PR person wrote to inform me that the dessert I liked so much but was, to my disappointment, changed on my second trip, had now been changed back to the way I had it the first time.

He wrote, "After reading your review, we wanted to let you know that the 'Eat and Mess' has since been changed back to its original recipe, the way you enjoyed the dessert during your first visit."

The e-mail also had an explanation on why some of the menu-listed items weren't available both times I visited. He said that "Chef Gallagher and the restaurant place a high priority on working with their suppliers to fly in the best seafood they can get from around the world, and only serve what the sea gives them, so when they are out of a certain seafood item, it is only due to availability and/or quality."

While I thought about how that's actually a very good way to put it, it also reminded me about how King's Fish House--a seafood chain that has its own hits and misses--manages to print up an updated menu daily with that day's catch without so much as a Michelin star.

Even still, that incredible dessert is back to the way it was and should be. And hopefully, when I do return to eat it again, the sea will also gift Ways & Means with a few razor clams.

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Ways & Means Oyster House

513 E. Chapman Ave., Orange, CA

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Seafood around the world? While I am sure some of the seafood may, I work down a few miles and our guy from santa monica seafood says his next delivery is to ways & means.


I think it's too early to give a review.  I know that's a debatable issue in the world of food critique.  I side with the school of thought that waits a couple months at least before they review a place. 


Seriously?  That second dish was served to you that way?  They deserved a public beat down.


Stop whining about the razor clams.  So what if they ran out?  They have been open 19 days and are ironing out the kinks. 

These people spent tons of money to open a restaurant with a 1 Michelin star chef in Orange County.  Let's cut them some slack.

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