Not So Fast: Huntington Beach's Not Banning Styrofoam Just Yet

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Seriously though, don't do this

Reports of Styrofoam's death in Huntington Beach have been greatly exaggerated. The city council voted 5-2 yesterday to postpone voting on an ordinance that would ban Styrofoam from all vendors in Huntington Beach city limits in order to get more feedback from citizens. The next vote is scheduled for the second week in January.

If the ordinance had passed, vendors in the city would have had to switch over to biodegradable, reusable or recyclable containers, much like vendors in San Bruno or the 70 other California cities that currently have bans on styrofoam.

Huntington Beach already has a similar ban on the books, but that ordinance only applies to city facilities and vendors who contract with the city.

The vote came after an October presentation made by a group of students on the negative effects of Styrofoam and littering in the city.

The day before the ordinance vote, Asm. Travis Allen (R-Huntington Beach) released a statement against the proposed ban.

"A ban on styrofoam has unintended consequences that overlook the economic, natural resource, and fundamental repercussions to Californians. Simply put, this ban would limit consumer choice, negatively impact our local businesses, and does not properly address the true issue at hand," said Assemblyman Travis Allen. "The proposed ordinance being considered in Huntington Beach is an ill-advised attempt at social engineering by imposing costly and burdensome requirements that impact our daily lives throughout the community."

He continued, "Our focus should be on making it as user friendly and convenient as possible for people to utilize our recycling programs that are already in place. That is why I support the recycling programs that the City of Huntington Beach has embraced, for example the curbside recycling for foam cups, takeout containers, and packaging."

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RickandKalli Kobler
RickandKalli Kobler

Sure banning styrofoam will be helpful but it's everything people leave behind like plastic bags, other plastic products cups plates, my favorite dirty diapers used tampons etc. that's left behind when people go to the beach its all harmful to our environment. So sad I've walked many mornings along the shore filling a plastic bag full of these things. The beaches will always need people like us to pick up after those who leave crap behind. Thats just the way it is

Norma Sellers
Norma Sellers

I've volunteered in many beach cleanups for the past 3 years in Newport Beach and mostly Huntington Beach and I do see a lot of styrofoam on our beaches! In fact I can guarantee if you go by the jetty that's by the Rivers End Cafe in Seal Beach, you most definitely see a lot of styrofoam there! I was at the city council last night and saw young kids asking to ban this and we need to do this for their future!!!! There's other better alternatives!

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