LA Judge Orders Sriracha to Close Part of its Irwindale Plant--Start Stocking Up!

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In the meanwhile, gaze upon this to ease the pain...
Yesterday, some loser Los Angeles County Superior Court judge sided with loser Irwindale residents who complain that odors from Sriracha's newish plant in the loser city are causing them respiratory problems. OH NO!

Read the account of the Los Angeles Times--which broke the story-here.

One big issue no one is discussing. Irwindale itself is one giant respiratory problem. Between the gravel pits, the heavy industries already there, and the general stench of the town, having Sriracha there masks all of those vile odors. They shouldn't be banned; they should be elected to City Hall.

In the meanwhile, yes: start stocking up on Sriracha NOW, as the price will inevitably rise...

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