Company Behind Bacon Salt Debuts Sriracha Candy Canes, Bacon Deodorant

Not a horrible idea!

Have you ever woken up, showered, looked yourself in the mirror and said, "Man, I wish I smelled like bacon right now"? Well, if you have and didn't just decide to go make breakfast, you're kind of weird, but boy have we got some news for you!

News out of Seattle [Writer's note: ID represent!] is that J&D Foods, the makers of the totally-vegetarian Bacon Salt, have released two new products, POWER BACON Deodorant and Sriracha Candy Canes just in time for the holidays.

Probably a slightly less not-horrible idea

Both are available for order from their respective websites now. The deodorant is $9.99 a stick, and the candy canes are $7.99 for a dozen, putting them squarely in the "why not" price range of things people wouldn't normally buy.

Now, I personally think the whole "bacon" thing is overdone, and the fact that J&D say the smell is designed to last 24 hours doesn't help (it's insane, really), but Sriracha candy canes?

Sure, it sounds weird at first, but I'll eat a Sriracha maple glaze in a heart beat, so why not this? Sweet and spicy is my jam. Let's just say there might be a box of Sriracha candy canes on the OC Weekly booze table in a few weeks.

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Cheri Gilbert
Cheri Gilbert

I bought Sriracha Candy Canes. Well, the candy (or peppermint) is very smooth and then there is the hot bite. Nice. But it doesn't have the Sriracha taste.

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