See's Candies Supersized Shop Opens Friday

Hungry . . .

Of the two See's Candies factories in California, we were lucky enough to grow up down the street from the South San Francisco one. A symbol of chocolate and family values, it would bring a smile to our face whenever we drove by. Nowadays, it represents major holidays and platonic gifts to acquaintances.

With the holiday season starting a downpour (the person that gave the go ahead to play 24-hour holiday music before Thanksgiving should be hurt), we checked out a See's first-- a large format retail shop opening this week at The Tustin Market Place. Double the size of a normal location, and not to be confused with corporate discount stores, their goal is to accommodate Disney-esque crowds from Halloween through Mother's Day and beyond. Four registers instead of the standard two, with separate queues for small and large quantity purchases. Now the guy seeking a one-pound box of assorted chews won't be stuck behind the customer questioning options for their dozen co-workers. You know who you are.

Alright, they're technically open. However, Friday's "grand opening" kicks off with the obligatory ribbon cutting at 9:30 a.m next door to Sprouts. Swing by to spin their wheel of fortune for a chance at sugary prizes. We did spot one new treat being advertised: Egg nog truffles coming November 29. Vanilla and nutmeg flavors coated with white chocolate will go straight to the hips. Hey, at least you can drive home afterwards.

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