Ten Great Power Lunches (and Dinners) in OC


Whether to entertain a client or close a deal, business meetings are inevitable for the white collar. Dining rooms built for the sole purpose of perusing the wine list and throwing down your corporate card are centrally located near the headquarters of (insert corporation here) . You'll notice similarities between our selections, but also realize that each location serves a purpose. While food is at the top of our criteria, a restaurant's attributes play an integral role in making it worthy of a business expense.

1. Lark Creek - Newport Beach

Anne Marie Panoringan

Ah, yes. Newport. Where the closest island is a mall lifestyle center surrounded by law firms and doctor's offices. Even The Irvine Company calls this city home. We kick off our list at an easy, breezy newcomer to the Fashion Island family. Their shiny factor draws a business savvy set for health-conscious free-range chicken and white shrimp ceviche (pictured). Soak in some Vitamin D on Lark Creek's patio when the weather is comfortable. Order a bottle of red off their list, which favors California and neighboring West Coast vineyards.

2. The Capital Grille - Costa Mesa

Todd Barnes/OC Weekly

Businesspeople who don't know their truffle fries from their chocolate truffles are content with familiarity. The Capital Grille chain is well within their comfort zone, but this list does contain more personality the further along we go. As you reach the top of the staircase, prominently displayed wine lockers announce resident oenophiles. A quick lunch can be achieved, but South Coast Metro suits enjoy their mahogany booths with Caprese salad and bone-in steaks. Terrace and private dining room seating can discreetly cater to VIP guests. We can't seem to get enough of their truffle fries, either.

3. Nieuport 17 - Tustin

Anne Marie Panoringan

The Continental scene is alive and well in this ode to WWII fighter aircrafts. Nieuport 17 may be an out-of-the-way dining room, but their dinner menu has been upgraded ever since Greg Moro transferred in from his stint at French 75. Have Tommy pour a timeless cocktail from their Barnstormer Bar. Ahi tuna tartar is a perfect starter while you decide what cut of beef to consume. They possess an old-fashioned, yet always classy form of service rarely found these days.

Location Info

Lark Creek

957 Newport Center Drive, Newport Beach, CA

Category: Restaurant

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